Important tips for first time visitors when visit Bali.


Good manners are very important to Indonesian people,and since you will be treated as honored guest in this guest in this country,it is only right to repay that courtesy by showing respect for the traditions and culture.never touch somebodys head unless you become a very close friend,don’t touch people with your left hand and don’t stretch out your feet to the direction of nearby person.

When you are traveling around if something goes wrong,you will to accept that there is no such thing as a disaster.maintain your sense of humor.relax and let your self roll with the punches rather than getting upset.the Indonesian mentality hardly ever shows anger so this will not be understood unless something really heavy is happening.also refusals should be made by claiming to be presently satisfied and leaving a later option open.always asking ifan intended action is allowed will assure you the appreciation of the people involved and generally permission granted.


Bali is hindu society and ceremonies are part of daily life.try not ot step on offerings and be patient,when you come upon a religious procession either while you are driving or walking in the street.if you attend the ceremonies,keep in mind the these are serious occasions and you should treat them with respect.always cover your legs with a sarong or long pants.Don’t walk in front of people praying and never sit higher than priest.women during menstruation and anyone with a bleeding wound are not allowed to enter a temple.some ceremonies go on for many hours.Don’t feel that you have to stay until the very is perfectly OK to get up and leave at any point,provided you do this without creating a disturbance.

Dress code

The Balinese while modestly dreesed themselves,are very forgivingwhen it comes to tourist’attire , however walking around town in speeders or bikini is not really appreciated.when sntering temples you are required to wear a sarong and a sash,you will see that the temples themselves are similarly attired.if you have to visit a government office ,long sleeves,long trousers/skirt and shoes are advisable.Pack light,natural fabrics-and don’t pack too many clothes,as there are cheap clothing shop all over Bali.


All Balinese people adore children.your children will be welcome absolutely the beach specially on kuta,legian,seminyak coast,keep a good eye on your children when they are in the water.there are dangerous rips and undertows.

On the road

The traffic in Bali is ruled by common sense.give way to everything infront of you,no matter if this is a vehicle you intend to overtake which suddenly turns into your lane or somebody pulling out from a side road.also give way to anything bigger than you-bikes especially are in weak position.expect the unexpected-animals crossing.processions crowding the road or invisible holes covered by water.Using the vehicles’horm in Indonesia is a precaution and not meant in an offensive manner.

Use it let people know you are are about to overtake.if they look like they are going to stay into your path,or if there is any confusing situation developing in fornt of you.Don’t get angry if other road users don’t drive the way you’re used to in your country,or if they don’t appear to use any common sense at all. It is a waste of time getting upset,the other person will have no idea what you’re angry about.

Health risks

Minimal,although there’s always the risk of Bali belly- don’t drink the tap water,be careful what you eat.choose to eat at places that seem busy and popular.protect your self from mosquitoes,especially in the rainy season when there can be dengue fever outbreaks in closely populated areas. Be aware that on islands other than Bali,Malaria can be endemic-the mountain country in Lombok for examples,so take adequate precautions.



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